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Y-Talk1- Expectation VS Reality...and crying over nails

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We all have these dreams and perfect scenarios in our heads, right? When it comes to my last high school dance, I’ve had the perfect caption picked out for months now. “Black dress, white nails, and a love that will last forever🖤🤍”. That’s been my fantasy of the perfect situation from way before my date even asked me to homecoming this year.

If you’ll look at these pictures you will notice there is no white nails. There was some miscommunication between me and my nail technician on the date of my appointment. My poor mom must have thought she failed as a mother when she walked in and saw her 17-year-old daughter crying over nails. But when she dropped everything she was doing to try to find someone to do my nails, I wouldn’t let her make an appointment for me. Why not? Because I was able to look in the mirror and remember who I am. My life isn’t a fairytale it’s so messy… and I love every bit of the mess.

If you look even closer at this picture you can see my black eye. I will add a couple pictures of that wreck. I had a horse rear up and hit me in the face and give me a black eye. Of course it was a week before the dance. That’s me and that’s real and definitely wasn’t part of the fantasy.

And for the final part of the perfect caption, “a love that will last forever”. As I said before, a fantasy. But not with Riley. Even though we are proud parents of a box turtle, we both know that we won’t make it past high school, and probably not even until graduation. We know that we will break up… again. So we make every day the best day we can. We have so much fun and make memories that I know will last forever. I love how much trust I can vest into him and how much he cares for me. It might not be a love that lasts forever but I know that he is a large part of how I will remember high school. I had so much fun at the dance this year. I had an even better Homecoming dance without the nails because it was real and not just something I thought I needed. I didn’t even take the time to paint them with the nail polish I have because I had to prove to myself that I didn’t need something so minor to make my night fantastic.

Expectation vs reality can be a hard thing to experience when things don’t go your way. I used a very simple yet silly example in this case. My expectations often take over every ounce of my brain. The blunt truth is most of the time things aren’t going to go that perfect way you have pictured. How you adapt to the change is what defines who you are.

Click here for a great article on expectation vs reality and how to manage your expectations.

Quote of the week- "If you align your expectations with your reality you will never be disappointed"- Terrell Owens

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