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TOUCHDOWN; It's Sean Kidd

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with the running back for the CMU Football Team.

Sean Kidd has an incredible story. He was adopted at a young age in Houston, Texas. He has lived in a few different states, but he says that Colorado is definitely his favorite. I really enjoyed hearing a bit about his upbringing. My personal favorite part of the interview was that the football player was so open in talking about his belief in God and the importance that He has played in Sean's life.

I met Sean last year through a mutual friend. We lived in the same dorm building and always talked whenever we saw one another, but we never really talked about his past, or about his aspirations for the future. I really enjoyed hearing more about his past, his present and his future plans.

Since we weren't able to do a football segment like I originally hoped for, we had to improvise a little bit. For this week's segment I had my director, Maccoy Abeyta compete against the Update Host, Breana Sinclair in a game of football trivia. There should have been a definite winner, but the bonus round through in an unexpected twist!

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